Week 1 in the Bag

Yes! Firstly I want to thank everyone for trudging through the great dismal swamp to make it to Ultimate on Saturday. Seemed like everyone had a great time, and we were able to get in some slightly abbreviated, but good games.

Set 1 of Games, Gold took on Red squad, and in good battle even though Red who was missing some key players, Gold came out on top. Blue took on White (Snowball) in a really hard fought game with some really lengthy points, but in the end Blue was able to come out victorious.

In the second set of games, Gold took on Snowball. In typical Dan fashion Gold came out swinging with some zone defense and put Snowball on their back foot. This fight came down to Universe point and in the end Snowball was able to emerge victorious. Blue took on Red who adopted a fill player and was able to recover fully from their first game loss to take down Blue.

Gold 1-1

Snowball 1-1

Blue 1-1

Red 1-1